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Because I’m not set up to blog whilst on fieldwork there may be a series of hiatus’ between posts over the next few months due to extensive fieldwork commitments. You see, here in north Queensland it is the late dry season, a lovely time of year that is often rapidly followed by the wet season when the monsoon moves south from the equator and it literally buckets down. It means that most archaeological fieldwork is difficult if not impossible between about January and April as creeks flood, roads are cut and grass everywhere grows about 1.5 metres in height.

From a fieldwork point of view it is good to get as much as you can done in the late dry season before it starts to rain in the wet and so I have scheduled quite a lot of fieldwork between now and December, both in Cape York, the Cairns area and in south western Queensland. It’s mostly work-related fieldwork however one of the research projects I am working on with Darlene McNaughton and Justin Shiner is an AIATSIS funded project investigating Indigenous wellbeing in an early 20th Century Presbyterian Mission. We are using oral history and archaeology to understand more about the impact of the mission on peoples’ wellbeing and plan on doing around 8 days on the site this year before it rains. We are working with the Anhatangaith Traditional Owners and have a few volunteers as well, so it will be a good trip.

I will try and write new posts as time and internet connections permit. I would recommend that irregular readers or people who have discovered my little blog for the first time subscribe using the link on the top right hand side. That way, next time I post, you will recieve it via email.

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