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My apologies for the lengthy hiatus between posts on this site;  as followers of my twitter feed would be aware I have recently submitted my Doctoral thesis for examination, and the final stages of completing that needed to take precedence over blogging. However, with that behind me now I have time to start writing here again: there have been quite a few research papers published recently that I will endeavour to post as soon as possible, as well as a few half written posts that have been waiting to be completed.

Update: 15 October 2009

In the past week or so I have made some changes to the aims and purpose of this site and you can read all about those in the About section. I have also moved to a new domain ( and also have imported selected posts from my old blogger site. Before I can start posting again I need to edit these, this should be completed in the coming days.

I will also be adding separate permanent pages for each of my current research projects as well as details on publications, seminars, reports and so on.

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Thanks Terry, I have a few more pages to write as well as some minor bugs to sort before I start posting. Unfortunately I only get an hour or two to work on the site most days, so change happens slowly!

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