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Well, if you happened across this site during the past few days you will have received a ‘website not found’ error of some sort. My apologies for this: the reason is that I encountered some problems during a transfer from the site’s former home at to a self-hosted installation of wordpress with Laughing Squid. The problems seem to have been easily fixed, thanks largely to the wonderful tech help at Laughing Squid.

So what’s changed? At this stage, only the theme which is called ‘Amazing Grace’ by Vladimir Prelovac and which I think is quite stunning both in terms of design as well as backend functionality. There will be problems with my earlier posts, namely formatting errors and I suspect a lot of dead links and I will be working to fix these over the next week or so. Hopefully from here forward there will be no significant issues and I can get on with the task of writing and improving this site.

In terms of future plans: well not a lot will change in the short term. I’m eventually aiming to include more content on my business/consulting services and to redirect visitors here from my (poorly maintained) business website¬† ( I think it’s¬† more sensible to have one website, it certainly is a lot easier to keep content updated and tidy. Importantly, the content and motivation for this blog will remain the same, as described in About, and the blog will remain as the frontpage.

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