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Yes, it’s true. Despite having dropped out of various social media universes this past few months, I still maintain that it’s critical for archaeologists and other professionals to blog. I should practice what I preach.

Aside from the fact that I’m crazy busy, my reticence about writing here lies in the fact that I’m spending a lot of time working on other blogs.

I’m managing two separate sites, including a blog for the Department of Archaeology here at Flinders University where I teach. It’s a moderated group blog, but they require management and time. I really like the way that this site is going though; most of the content is from students writing about their thesis research, work placements, field schools and so on and I’m happy to say that this is entirely unique in Australia, at least for an archaeology department. You should follow us, I’m really excited about this project, particularly as we transition to a self hosted blog later this year which will allow us to incorporate features that allow us to do more interesting things with teaching and learning.

I’m also spending an increasing amount of time preparing a new site for the Australian Archaeology Association (an update is long overdue) and also managed by WordPress. We do have web developers, thankfully, but I’m seeing a lot of the WP dash as we approach a launch in December.

In any case, I’m a little over WordPress at the moment.

I’ve been reading Scripting News regularly. It has nothing to do with archaeology but I enjoy the short-format style and Dave’s thoughts on US politics and the web. One point he makes regularly is the importance of owning your content so I’m shifting away from ‘3rd party services as content repositories’ to ‘3rd party services as distribution tools’ (for my content). In other words, I want to post/store more here and distribute it elsewhere. That way, I control my content.

So you can expect to see a lot more short posts, thoughts and ideas in Dave Winer style.


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