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I’m an archaeologist based in the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University, Adelaide and I use this blog to write about my research, teaching and community activities.

I started blogging in 2004 after hearing a radio interview (I think by one of the guys at BoingBoing) explaining what ‘web logs’ were. I started my first blogger site about 15 minutes later on a site that morphed into something I called ‘Common Roots’ and that focussed on the archaeology of hunter-gatherer societies. Unfortunately, it was difficult to write good original content whilst trying to write my Doctoral Thesis, so I deleted it and created this blog in 2008 or so.

I do not claim to be a ‘blogger’. I am an archaeologist who uses a this blog to archive my work, to reach a wider audience, to share things, and more generally to serve as a permanent home for some of my work. This past few years, managing a blog while holding down an academic post has proved difficult and so this site is updated a lot less frequently than I would prefer. I do write a great deal, but I do not post it here. This is because in Australia’s cut throat and time-constrained academic environment it is difficult to justify writing blog posts at the expense of other ‘outputs’—namely, scholarly publications—that are directly linked to the level of funding my institution receives. It is also the case that one’s measure as an academic is largely based on scholarly papers, which is as it should be. So, putting it plainly, blogging is less important than being a good researcher and writing good papers, books, and so on. It should be, but that’s not our system.
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